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Shrink Sleeve Labeling

Shrink sleeve labeling is a great way to produce a highly unique and marketable product. The process of shrink sleeve labeling is quite simple: a sleeve is placed over the product container and a delicate heat process is applied. This allows for the entire label to contour fitting the container snugly. This provides 360’ product coverage and very little “blank space”. Shrink sleeve labeling can contain full color pictures, tamper evident seals, as well as numerous visual effects. Shrink sleeve labeling can be printed in multiple different colors making your product unique and a stand out when next to the competitor’s product on the shelf. A company’s unique logo can also be placed on the shrink sleeve label to give the brand recognition needed for repeat customers.

Why Use Shrink Sleeves:
• Shrink sleeves can cover your entire container and showcase your product
• Complete control over the graphics, text and colors which can be seen from every angle of the package
• Size and type of container may vary from square, round or uniquely shaped and shrink sleeve labels can still fit over them
• All types of containers, glass, metal and plastic can accommodate shrink sleeves
• Most importantly, they are printed in reverse so you don’t have to worry about scratching and outside factors ruining the appearance
• Shrink Sleeves can also act as a tamper proof seals. The sleeve can be perforated for easy removal and at the same time, you will know if it has been opened
• Since only one label is being applied, time and money are being conserved to help with your bottom line cost/profit

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Shrink sleeve labeling is a creative way to market your product. WEPACKIT will ensure a perfectly produced shrink sleeve labeled product whether we are producing 100 pieces or multi-million piece runs.


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