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With our focus on contract packaging, we are committed to exceeding all your expectations. Wepackit, Inc. is your direct source for packaging design and distribution from start to finish.

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Kit Packaging

Kit packaging involves putting together multiple products into one package. This provides a variety of products which correlate with one another to be packaged together. Kit packaging is a great service for those who are looking to put together promotional or display assemblies, gift sets, kits, or sampler sets. Our custom hand-assembly ensures each package is just how you requested. We take pride in making your product just the way you would like it, this is why we use skilled individuals for our kit packaging process. Our standardized processes and quality control procedures allow us to maximize throughput while ensuring exceptional quality of your brand.
As a result of our extremely flexible and scalable staff, we have the ability to work on projects that require anywhere from two to 100 people and provide full program management, including the fulfillment and distribution of your completed kits.  
Since not all products arrive at our facility ready to ship, Wepackit is fully staffed to perform everything from the most basic collating task to full product preparation. Since we are able to manufacture many of the items we distribute, we help our customers eliminate double shipping costs as well.


Contract Packaging and Kit Packaing specialist

Let us handle ALL of your PACKAGING "WEPACKIT"

Wepackit offers different types of packaging services including:

Co-packing is an effective measure to cut down on assembly costs. We can work with your manufacturing facility, which does part of your packaging job while we do the other part to make a complete package or display. Packaging instructions for assembly are outsourced to distribution centers - where the product is produced completely. For example, you can send us a filled product and we would deliver a completed packaging display. 

Co-packing services we provide:

  • We can pick up your product directly from the manufacturer
  • We can collaborate with your manufacturer or subcontractor, follow your work process and complete your job
  • We can manufacture your other components and complete the display packaging
  • We can provide co-packing as a turnkey service so you don’t have to deal with several sources, conflicting timelines and pressing deadlines
  • We can deliver your co-packed job to distribution centers or deliver to your dock

Assembly services are the most diverse area in packaging. An assembly packaging service is basically handiwork that machines cannot produce. Sometimes custom products have specific needs that machines cannot perform, like assembling multiple products in one selling unit. Assembly services may require assembling parts together, creating kits and product sets such as tool arrays, makeup kits and gift sets. Assembly services may also include parts that need to be glued or secured, and providing small bags that contain small accessories.  

Assembly services we provide:
Because our assembly lines are not set in stone, we can mobilize a custom assembly line to meet your project's specific needs, which will also allow us to meet your deadline, too. Custom mobile assembly lines give us a major advantage over larger companies that often cannot compromise assembly lines for easy mobility.

  • We can avoid labor hassles and equipment purchases
  • We can run 2 or 3 shifts if necessary
  • We can run your job at multiple areas

Kitting may be used in conjunction with co-packing to arrange your products/components within a single selling unit. Co-packing and kitting may be done in a variety of ways, such as placing your product into thermoformed/corrugated inserts, poly-bagging, stand-up pouches, decorative baskets, setup boxes or any other sort of promotional kit or package. The possibilities are truly endless.

Kitting services we provide:

  • We can kit one or several items into display boxes or gift sets
  • We can supply internal or other package components like thermoformed inserts, corrugated inserts, fillers, die cuts, foam packaging
  • We can run multiple lines for versatility and flexibility for more complex kitting
  • We can provide complementary services to produce a better end product, such as shrink/cello/wrapping, sleeve bundling, auto bagging and more

We will handle your products in a sanitary way, in a dust free environment, by using hair nets, gloves and any other sanitary equipment required. We can also provide an initial mockup/prototype for any service where applicable.
Some of the specialty services we provide include:

  • Collating and Kitting of Educational Materials
  • Breaking Bulk Material and kit packing for distribution
  • Shrink Wrapping Services
  • Light Assembly of displays
  • Re-labeling Projects
  • Kitting of Scrapbook materials
  • Bundling of fabric materials
  • Small piece kit packs/blisters


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