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Pressure Sensitive Labeling

In today’s marketplace, packaging only has seconds to grab the attention of the consumer. You need a package that truly stands out from the competition. One of the most popular labeling methods, Pressure Sensitive labels, or Self-Adhesive labels, are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable containers. Pressure Sensitive labels are an optimal choice for products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries. Wepackit has experience with a wide variety of paper and film substrates including clear film, which gives your product a high end “no label look.


Contract packaging and Pressure Sensitive Labeling specialist

Similar to a sticker, Pressure Sensitive labels are made up of a face stock (the printed label) and a liner. The face stock has adhesive applied to the back and is married to a silicone treated liner which allows the label to be easily removed from the liner and applied to the container. The liner is removed as the label is being applied to the container during the labeling process. Pressure sensitive labeling is an economical approach to multi-color decoration. High speed productions and low tooling costs also add to the economy of this method. These labels can be made from paper or plastics such as vinyl, polypropylene, or polyethylene. A clear pressure sensitive Mylar label is virtually invisible and can yield a high gloss, no label look. Pressure sensitive labeling can provide a convenient method of inventory management if labels are stocked rather than decorated bottles.
Pressure Sensitive labels are supplied to you in roll form and come in a wide variety of papers and films. In addition, PS liners are available in both paper and film. Typically a film liner is used with a film label and will achieve faster labeling speeds than a paper liner. Depending on the adhesive used, the label will adhere to the product with light to moderate pressure easily. Because the adhesive is already applied to the label, PS labeling is one of the easiest labeling methods available, often allowing improved setup, and changeover/ cleanup times. With their low cost of entry for people new to labeling and the ability to provide a premium no label look for those looking to enhance their product, Pressure Sensitive labels are versatile label options.
Another advantage of pressure sensitive labels is that they can easily be used in conjunction with other printing methods such as hot stamping or silk screening. Here at Wepackit, we have the ability to handle all of your pressure sensitive labeling requirements. We support one sided, two sided, wrap around, as well as booklet labels. We can also support your pressure sensitive labeling requirements with one of our blow-on or wipe-on application lines.

Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labels:

  • Economical and low entry cost
  • Versatile for all container shapes/styles
  • Easy inventory management requiring less storage space
  • High speed runs for quick turnaround production times
  • High end “no label” look presentation
  • Durability with integrated security possibilities such as tamper evidence and reseal ability

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